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At Iceberg Developments, we are recognised as leading damp-proofing specialists, providing a full spectrum of services to safeguard properties against various forms of dampness. Our team, composed of seasoned local damp-proofing specialists, is dedicated to delivering solutions that ensure the longevity and health of your building.

A crucial part of our service is the damp proofing process. We meticulously evaluate each case to determine the most effective approach, whether installing a damp-proof membrane, addressing rising damp, or treating penetrating damp. Our process ensures that every aspect of damp proofing is covered comprehensively.

Understanding that each property is unique, we employ different damp treatments tailored to suit the specific requirements of your building. This bespoke approach ensures that whether you are dealing with damp in basements or looking for preventive solutions for a newly constructed property, you receive the most effective and efficient service.

Damp Proofing Treatments

As a leading damp-proofing specialist, Iceberg Developments offers a comprehensive range of treatments designed to protect and preserve your property. Damp proofing is crucial in combating the detrimental effects of moisture in buildings, leading to structural damage and health issues.

Rising Damp and Damp Proof Course Solutions

Rising damp occurs when ground moisture travels up through walls, a problem often rectified by installing a damp proof course (DPC). Our damp-proofing experts are adept at identifying rising damp and implementing effective DPC solutions, ensuring a barrier against moisture ingress.

Damp Proofing Treatment for Effective Protection

We employ various damp-proofing treatments tailored to the specific needs of your property. These treatments are designed not only to stop existing dampness but also to prevent future occurrences. Our methods include applying water-resistant materials and techniques that safeguard the integrity of your building.

Combatting Wet Rot with Remedial Damp Proofing

Wet rot, a form of timber decay caused by excessive moisture, can compromise the structural stability of a building. Our remedial damp-proof treatments effectively address wet rot, employing techniques to eliminate moisture sources and applying protective treatments to affected areas.

Expertise in Damp Proofing

Iceberg Developments is committed to offering high-quality damp-proofing solutions. Our team of specialists has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating various damp-related issues, ensuring that your property receives the best possible care.

Whether it’s a residential property or a commercial building, our damp-proofing services are designed to provide long-lasting protection, maintaining the health and integrity of your structure.

For expert advice and solutions on damp proofing, contact Iceberg Developments.

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Here’s What Our Customers Say

Flooded basement transformed into a brilliant useable space

When Sati and the team started in our cellar, they were literally wading through water. Throughout the project, the disruption to the rest of the house was virtually non existent and we have ended up with a brilliant, useable space. Great people, excellent workmanship and fully informed all the way through. Highly recommended.

Gavin Slark

Punctual, reliable, tidy, friendly, professional, trustworthy and very efficient

We had a problem with damp in our cellar and asked Iceberg Developments to take a look and assess what needed to be done. They very quickly came over and thankfully were able to start the tanking job very soon after providing us a quote. All the Iceberg staff who worked on the job were punctual, reliable, tidy, friendly, professional, trustworthy and very efficient. We were expecting a lot of mess in the house but were pleasantly surprised by the lack of it!

Sati and his team made very helpful suggestions along the way and made the whole process extremely painless. The work was originally quoted to take 4 weeks, but was completed ahead of schedule (including painting, electrical work and some plumbing) which was a huge bonus.

We are really happy with the tanking job that they did and highly recommend Iceberg.

Paul & Nicki Thandi

3 chamber conversion into bedroom, cinema and bathroom

We are so happy with our basement conversion.  It has given the house loads more space to grow into. The standard of work was very high and the guys are very friendly. They helped us overcome challenges throughout the project and made sure the job got finished to our expectations. We wish them every success in the future and hope their business continues to thrive.


1 room with en-suite, requiring underpinning and new railings

We looked at a number of builders to convert our basement into living space. But you were clearly the most expert and we valued your specialist knowledge throughout the conversion. The final product now my daughter’s bedroom with ensuite, exceeded our expectations for quality Thank you

Peter Radford

3 chambers converted to open plan living space

We had a cellar conversion on our period town house in central Warwick. There were two existing cellars separated by a large void that was filled with rubble. The requirements of the project were to join the two cellars to produce a large habitable area to be used as a home cinema and study. The work to be carried out included considerable excavation, structural alterations, and complete damp proofing. A detail specification for the work describing every stage was produced, along with a corresponding payment schedule. All the work was carried out on time and within the specified budget. The staff were polite and courteous and preformed the work with minimal disruption which was particularly important as the property was in the conservation area and had other properties within very close proximity. The work was carried out to a very high standard with any problems that were encountered being resolved with minimal issue. Their ownership of every part of the project and their “can do” attitude completely de-stressed the project for us and delivered a fantastic additional living space to our home.

Tim Fowler CITP FBCS

Excavating to create a new room

“We were confident in our selection from the start; they were clearly experts in basement conversions and explained everything to us clearly throughout the process – including those elements which popped up through the build. They were happy to meet with us at our convenience and we appreciated the regular catch-ups and joint decision-making. The team worked hard on all aspects of the excavation, tanking and re-fitting, ultimately creating a great office and family room from what started off as a small, dark chamber and an enclosed void. They brought in a great team to finish the project off, including external works to create a new front garden, with all working to a high standard. We’re delighted with the final results.”

Richard Bish

1 room with en-suite

The boys have done a fantastic job converting our cellar from a damp, dark chamber to a light, spacious, comfortable, en suite double bedroom. From start to finish the level of customer service from the team was excellent and nothing was ever to much trouble. Time and again they put themselves out at inconvenient times to meet with us and discuss the progress of what was a challenging project and how we could move it forward to best suit our needs. The quality of work throughout was of the highest order and the finished product top class. To find tradesman so trustworthy, personable and professional is worth it’s weight in gold in today’s day and age and I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone. I certainly intend to use them again in the future.


Large scale basement conversion to include cinema and bar

“I’m happy to provide a reference in regard’s to the work you carried out for my house. It was a big job which involved underpinning, several walls were taken out, a tanking system was fitted and beams installed. Internal works were also carried out which involved plastering, plumbing, wiring, bath room, painting, new staircase and plus skirting.

I had contacted several reputable contractors in the area, but you were by far the most efficient and knowledgeable when it came to the structural aspect of the job as well as understanding my ‘demanding’ requirements. I have been very pleased with the work carried out, as I feel it was too a high standard, on budget and importantly on time. I have no hesitation in recommending your company.”


Repair previously damaged water proofing system

“I have a basement property in Leamington Spa. Having moved in knowing there were issues with the property I intended to carry out a renovation. They tackled the issues I had professionally and scientifically. They were the only firm that measured the problem with specialist equipment. They carried out initial surveys which found various underlying issues that had not be found by others. I instantly knew that they were the main contenders because of their method of investigation, arriving 3 time to confirm their method of solution. Where I had other quotes, who offered to effectively patch up, the problem areas,
The work carried out completely renovated my basement property, they were, punctual, tidy, friendly and accommodating. They especially took interest in walking me through each section of development and explained their thought process, as to why they had reached specific conclusions. I am extremely happy with the work that has been carried out, and they are also confident with the jobs they take on by offering longer guarantees than others. I am in no doubt that I had the best choice for basement renovations and would not hesitate in using them again.”

Sebastian Granville

1 room conversion

Our basement was cold wet and unusable. It has been transformed into a warm dry bedroom for my son. We are extremely happy with the results and would recommend them to anyone. They were very professional making sure there was minimum disruption to us whilst the work went on. They also took care of all aspects of the job including building regs and the work was carried out to a very high standard. Thanks guys.


No Hassel, No Surprises

We give potential clients a thorough, detailed and realistic consultation. This helps to outline the very best way to meet their requirements.

We aim to work to budgets and time scales, ensuring you receive precisely the outcome you want without the stress ‘NO SURPRISES’.

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Work carried out at Compton House

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Zlin House

Work carried out at Zlin House

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High Street

Work carried out at High Street

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The Old Rectory, Bubbenhall

Work carried at The Old Rectory, Bubbenhall

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Work carried out at Lillington Road

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Granville Street

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Clapham Terrace

Work carried out at Clapham Terrace.

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Work carried out at Wathen Road.

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Work carried out at Strathearn Road.

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Wellsbourne Grove

Work carried out at Wellsbourne Grove

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    FAQ’s On Damp Proofing

    Below, we have answered some of your most frequently asked questions about damp proofing and damp proofing specialists.

    What Is a Damp Proof Specialist?

    A damp-proof specialist is trained in identifying, diagnosing, and treating various damp-related issues in buildings. They are skilled in applying different damp proofing techniques to prevent or resolve problems such as rising damp, penetrating damp, and damp walls. These specialists use methods like wet-proofing treatments, installation of damp-proof membranes, and remedial damp-proof courses to protect structures from moisture damage.

    What is The Best Method Of Damp Proofing?

    The best method of damp proofing varies depending on the problem and property type. A remedial damp proof course is often the most effective solution for rising damp. Damp-proof membranes are ideal for damp-proofing basements and floors, while damp-proofing walls may involve a variety of treatments, including water-repellent coatings or injection of damp-proofing creams. Local damp proofing specialists can advise on the most suitable technique for your situation.

    Does Damp Proofing Really Work?

    Yes, damp proofing is an effective way to protect buildings from moisture-related issues. When carried out correctly by experienced professionals, damp-proofing treatments can prevent damp ingress, thereby protecting the property’s structural integrity and improving indoor air quality. Regular maintenance and appropriately applying damp proofing methods are crucial to their success.

    What Is The Best Thing To Stop Damp?

    The best approach to stop damp involves a combination of measures tailored to the type of damp issue. For instance, penetrating damp is best addressed by fixing external defects and applying water-repellent treatments. For rising damp, installing a damp-proof course is effective. Regular property maintenance, adequate ventilation, and consulting with local damp-proofing specialists are crucial steps in preventing and treating damp issues. The damp proofing cost will depend on the extent of the issue and the chosen treatment, but investing in the right damp treatment can save on future repair costs and preserve the property’s value.

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